Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Animation Reel 2011

Here's 2011's demo reel, by the way.  Predominantly Flash animation but there's a few nice 3D Maya pieces in here as well.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I definitely tend to try and avoid ever using pure black or white in my own backgrounds that I do, especially avoiding black lines.  This ensures that when I place a black-line character on top they are assured to always stand out.  The majority of these images were done in Flash, which I tend to default to simply because of how easy it is to integrate with the actual animations, and that I quite like the style besides!

Sci Fi and science-y locations I tend to be drawn to especially, as it's a great opportunity to just make things up and really push the styles.

This one was an attempt at Kamino from Star Wars:  Episode II.

But it can be just as great to try and put an interesting stylized spin on realistic sorts of places that we see from day to day.

An Historic Occasion

Welp!  Finally starting an art blog.  Peer pressure does exist!  I guarantee no regularity on updates or manner of content, but I guess I will occasionally dump stuff here now.  For starters, here's some old character doodles of Thomas Alva Edison and Nikolai Tesla.  If they made steampunk guns.  Why not?